Selective Mutism: being quiet doesn’t mean I have nothing to say #MentalHealthMonth

Selective Mutism: being quiet doesn’t mean I have nothing to say #MentalHealthMonth

Selective Mutism occurs when a child or adult persistently refuses to speak in specific situations where speaking is expected. For instance, a child might speak at home with family members, but will not speak at all to teachers or peers at school. The diagnosis is more commonly applied to children. It must be clear that the child’s refusal to speak is not the direct consequence of some other disorder. These prevalence data may not be entirely accurate because many people are unfamiliar with the problem. As a result, some children with Selective Mutism may go undiagnosed and untreated. This disorder has been well documented with cases dating back to the 19th century. However, despite its long history, the disorder is not well understood. Debate continues regarding its causes and proper classification. Children with Selective Mutism frequently demonstrate shyness, anxiety, and fears of embarrassment and negative evaluation.

Selective Mutism for Writers

Selective Mutism is a kind of social anxiety disorder where you can be very noisy at home but totally mute at class. It’s not normal shyness since I can actually participate in class activities well, except that I don’t talk not a single word. When people ask for my name, I simply point out my ID for them to know. As for my asexuality, I’m currently dating the best guy ever.

Selective mutism defines one’s inability to speak in certain situations. Howard finds another way for Raj to surpass his selective mutism: dating deaf girls.

Table of Contents :. Lindsay Scharfstein, Ph. Victoria Bacon, M. Carla E. Marin, Ph. Selective Mutism SM is an anxiety disorder in which children do not speak in school, extracurricular or community activities, sports, etc. Even subtle changes around them or shifts outside of their comfort zone can lead to drastic changes in non speaking.

A child with SM may talk loudly and enthusiastically to a parent at home, in the grocery store aisle, and at a restaurant, but may immediately become, and remain, silent when a neighbor visits the home, an adult or peer walks in the same grocery aisle, or a waiter approaches the table to take an order. It can be healthy and adaptive for children to experience a range of speaking behaviors and to be more reserved around new children and adults, particularly when away from their caregivers.

Even the most social and outgoing children can have moments of silence or speaking reluctance without a lasting impact on daily functioning. Of note, developmentally appropriate silence is transient and temporary and these individuals do speak when there is an expectation to speak e. Therefore, we further distinguish children with SM from those without SM as those who have a consistent refusal to speak in specific social situations in which there is an expectation for speaking e.

Answer a few questions to find out more. By comparison, a child with SM may continue to remain silent despite extensive warm-up periods, including after multiple playdates with a classmate, years in school with the same peers, or when asked by a friendly peer or adult about their name, age, or favorite interests.

What it means to have a child with selective mutism

These children are able to speak and communicate in settings where they are comfortable, secure, and relaxed. This disorder is quite debilitating and painful to the child. Children and adolescents with Selective Mutism have an actual FEAR of speaking and of social interactions where there is an expectation to speak and communicate.

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Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil. It is normal for humans to be nervous and anxious before an important task or when faced with a new challenge. However, for a few, anxiety becomes a way of life. They are constantly nervous and do not feel in control of their life anymore. This takes a toll on their everyday life, relationships and health. Sometimes, anxiety goes too far and manifests itself into certain disorders in people.

Understanding Selective Mutism – How a phobia of my voice shaped my life

What some people may not know is that when I am able to talk to someone, it has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not I actually like the person. Whether I talk to you or not is nothing personal in any way whatsoever, it is all decided by my anxiety. Sometimes I will be able to figure out why I am unable to talk to someone, others I will not.

She had – and still suffers with – selective mutism (SM), a severe anxiety disorder which today affects about one in every children. But while.

Every morning I catch the bus to work. I smile and chat with various familiar faces I see every day. We talk about all kinds — the weather, history, family trees, days out, holidays. When I arrive at work I wave, smile, laugh, gossip, chat about anything and everything. Rewind my life, however, and you would see a very different person. So allow me to tell you a story. This story begins not with once upon a time, for it is not that kind of story, but rather, it begins with one very gloomy morning in December The day was just as you would expect any day in December to be, dark and cold and bleak.

Selective Mutism

Please refresh the page and retry. L ike many girls her age, Isla loves drawing, swimming lessons and arguing with her older sister. She is a boisterous, spirited six-year-old who, at home, is forever being asked to quieten down by her mother Charlotte Maddams,

selective mutism. Avoidance. ​. Inability to speak in certain social situations or setting, though the child has the ability to speak in comfortable settings with.

Selective mutism SM is a childhood anxiety disorder characterized by an inability to speak or communicate in certain settings. The condition is usually first diagnosed in childhood. Children who are selectively mute fail to speak in specific social situations, such as at school or in the community. The first described cases date back to when German physician Adolph Kussmaul labeled children who did not speak as having “aphasia voluntaria.

Selective mutism can have a number of consequences, particularly if it goes untreated. It may lead to academic problems, low self-esteem, social isolation, and social anxiety. If you believe that your child may be struggling with selective mutism, look for the following symptoms:. While these behaviors are self-protective, other children and adults may often perceive them as deliberate and defiant. The use of the term “selective” was adopted in , prior to which the disorder was known as “elective mutism.

The primary criterion for a diagnosis of selective mutism is a consistent failure to speak in specific social situations in which there is an expectation of speaking e.

DOs & DON’Ts for Interacting with Those with Selective Mutism

She is currently getting her Masters in Special Education. Her mother initiated treatment after Debbie experienced a stress breakdown at the beginning of graduate school. Because of the anxiety episode Debbie withdrew from school for a semester.

Selective mutism is a childhood anxiety disorder involving an inability to speak in specific social situations. Learn the symptoms and treatments.

Selective mutism defines one’s inability to speak in certain situations. One who suffers this is actually fully capable of speech, but goes completely silent in one scenario, e. Raj’s selective mutism is already seen in the very first episode , when he fails to talk to Penny. In ” The Grasshopper Experiment “, Penny discovers that Raj’s mutism is nullified as soon as he takes a sip of alcohol. Unfortunately, he says very inappropriate things when he is drunk.

In ” The Porkchop Indeterminacy “, Raj enters a drug trial to suppress the mutism completely. It didn’t work out. At the end of the episode, Raj wants to apologize to Penny by a letter, but Penny forces Raj to say it to her in person. For the first time in his life while sober, Raj actually says something to a woman he’s not related to, and it only was a high-pitched “Sorry”. Leonard discovers it is non-alcoholic beer and concludes “some sort of Placebo-effect” is taking place.

Howard , in jealousy shows it to Raj, who immediately goes silent. Apparently Raj only has to think he consumed alcohol to override his selective mutism.

Selective mutism

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When interacting with a child with Selective Mutism, DO: Allow for warm-up time. Monitor the child’s body language. Talk “around” the child at.

I often imagine words in fancy fonts swirling out of my mouth only to fall on the floor unheard. So many misconceptions about selective mutism exist. Like many people who have been diagnosed autistic in my case Aspergers , I have an overlapping condition: Selective Mutism. Over-excitability in the amygdala region of the brain is said to cause the physical inability to speak.

Anxiety often becomes the uninvited guest or party crasher in the room. There is an exaggerated fight or flight response that takes place beyond my control. My body shuts down signals to make facial expressions and to speak aloud. Well, here are a few facts :.

Selective Mutism: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Tips for Parents

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Selective mutism has a long history dating to the late nineteenth century, when terms such as aphasia voluntaria and hysterical mutism were.

My wedding was coming up. The choice of making a speech or not had been presented to me. I had decided to make a speech. I wanted to make a speech. I had little over a year to prepare and the first thing I had to deal with was what happened to me when I first entered the school classroom at the age of four. When I stood on the classroom threshold with a new unfamiliar environment in front of me, a feeling equally unfamiliar to me struck.

It felt like my hair turned into needles and prodded inwards, my feet like I was standing on nails, my body like it was caught in a vice grips, like a 10 tonne weight landed on my head, my blood turned sweet, what was in front of me seemed a thousand miles away, my heart hammered; quietly, thank God. I knew if I spoke or moved then a terrible thing would happen.

I froze. There was always an expectation to speak in school so I became on guard all the time, in a state of constant vigilance, ever watchful for that strike. For my thirteen years of school I was paralysed of all expression. I could not even raise my hand, even the tip of my finger to ask to go to the toilet, I could not speak to anyone in class, I was glued to the wall in the playground and when I did break away I circled to nowhere.

Selective mutism events in Leicester, United Kingdom

Selective Mutism. PubMed Central. Selective mutism is a rare and multidimensional childhood disorder that typically affects children entering school age. It is characterized by the persistent failure to speak in select social settings despite possessing the ability to speak and speak comfortably in more familiar settings. Many theories attempt to explain the etiology of selective mutism.

Selective Mutism is a complex childhood anxiety disorder characterized by a child’s inability to speak and communicate effectively in select.

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Understanding and Managing Selective Mutism

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